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Tour operation information solution provider raises 3.5 million yuan

2019/4/10 19:10:51
Shenzhen-based Yuntui Technology, an information solution provider for tour operators, has closed a 3.5 million yuan seed round of financing backed by individual investors.

Many China travel agencies are still in the early stages of building an information system. When information services and business operations are segregated, the imbalance and disconnect in information hinder the development of the industry.

Yuntui Technology aims to tackle the issue with a development roadmap for building a SaaS online marketing and management system, interconnectivity between the supply chain and sales chain and data mining for corporate data analysis and data-based decision making.

The company starts with the digitalization and informatization of travel agencies by providing them with complete network marketing through computers, WeChat miniprograms, H5 and mobile applications. They also offer operational support, finance and other basic systems in a bid to enhance the marketing and management effectiveness for travel agencies.

A customer acquisition product developed in the second stage will aggregate the products of upstream suppliers via its application programming interface, and channel them to group tour operators, ground operation team and other sales channels, thus maintaining a smooth supply-sales connection.

Currently, the startup is conducting closed beta testing with its “Virtual BOSS” system. The system will figure out how to set sales targets for individual departments and employees to achieve the company’s overall business goals set for the coming year, based on previous marketing and management data, conversion rate and sales conversion rate analysis. The more operational data, the more accurate the forecast to make decisions more actionable.

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