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Chinese tourists to Singapore outnumber others for second year

2019/2/17 2:03:22
Chinese mainland citizens were the biggest group of tourists that visited Singapore last year for the second consecutive year.

Some 3.4 million Chinese people traveled to Singapore in 2018, up 6% from 2017, state-backed Xinhua News Agency reported, citing an estimate found in a report from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

STB predicts that the country will gain a tourism revenue of SGD27.3 billion to SGD27.9 billion this year with international visitors of 18.7 million to 19.2 million.

Singapore received 18.5 million international visitors last year, an increase of over 6% from the previous year. Based on data from the first three quarters of 2018, Singapore's total tourism revenue for the 12 months is estimated to rise annually by about 1% to SGD27.1 billion (USD20 billion).

Last year, Singapore's second-largest source for tourists was Indonesia, with over 3 million visitors, up 2% from the previous year, according to the same report.

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