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Wuhan Logosun Hotel profile

2019/2/16 20:56:10
Logosun Hotel is located in the flourishing business center and IT street,Wuhan Logosun Hotel close to East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan University and so on. Wuhan Logosun Hotel provides 218 guestrooms. The business floor provides 24-hr butler service, free business breakfast, afternoon tea and clocktail at night.
Wuhan Logosun Hotel is Mr. Hong Zhongxuan chief designer by the chief design agency HOLIDAYHOTELDESIGN Asia in Italy Milan fashion life element as the core design philosophy, in the hotel design and layout into abstract art, post modernism and music as the main line, and strive to create a fashion, comfort, health, art for the VIP room experience.Wuhan Logosun Hotel service for you to create a noble, offers 24 hour butler service for you, boutique business breakfast, custom laundry service, European style afternoon tea and evening wine, is the ideal place for your business, friends gathering, relaxing.

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Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa Huizhou traffic info

Business zone:longmen
Address:Guangdong · Huizhou · longmenxian - Nankunshan Ecotourism Zone, Longmen County, Huizhou, China