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2019/2/16 20:56:03
Guangzhou Biquan air hot spring hotel spa longevity landmarks, Guangzhou Garden Conghua Hot Spring Town, spending huge sums to build a super five-star complex of life and health, Biquan air springs; integration of many happy and healthy feed products: Lingnan the first large-scale air springs, the energy field of international health, healthy physical examination of China's high-end brand health first, the well-known Chinese brand steward fuyuantang, Asian luxury spa brand Angsana spa, build 360'full range of private health happy keeping scheme; more enthusiasm and meticulous service attitude to your home general warmth; Guangzhou Biquan air hot spring hotel, a improve quality of life.
Unique water containing radon hot springs, comparable to the Swiss Quality of the hot springs containing mineral elements which are a variety of beneficial to human body; regular air spring break, and the sky dialogue, change not only the vision; six different themes of the Hot Springs Park. Fifty two springs pool, a spring of a character and give you diverse experience, more intellectual interest paradise for children, let the kids enjoy pleasure playing.


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